TP4 Bridge/Strain Breakout Module

TP4 Bridge/Strain Breakout Module

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This module allows a bridge-type sensor to be wired to a TP4 Bridge channel using simple screw terminals, no soldering required.

The breakout module can be re-configured using on-board switches. This allows the user to simplify the wiring of the sensor itself to the bridge interface.

Switch 1 - Excitation Configuration (Set Bridge Excitation to "Local" or "Remote")
Switch 2 - Bridge Configuration (Set Bridge to "Full" or "Half/Quarter")
Switch 3 - Shunt Configuration (Set Shunt to "Remote" or "Local")
Switch 4 - External Resistor Configuration (Set External Resistance to "Local" or "Remote")

Typically ships within two weeks. Contact Lansmont prior to order for confirmation.